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Community inspired projects



A "whole of government" approach to the management of the Houtman Abrolhos Islands (HAI) has been adopted by the interagency project team composed of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (including Fisheries), WA Museum, Tourism WA, Midwest Development Commission, CEO of the City of Greater Geraldton and if required Department of Transport.  Three local people wondered if there was an opportunity for the community to have a say and a local group was formed.  

We believe the community has the right to be informed and be part of the planning process, as many have a long term association with the islands.  We champion a "whole of community" approach and seek input from the whole community - all stakeholders, recreational users scientists and industry - including tourism operators and fishing folk.  We hope to understand user needs, and integrate local knowledge and science to develop practical solutions in the best outcomes for the islands. 


We also advocate a "whole of islands" approach, island, reef platforms and surrounding marine systems. We are interested in the conservation of the whole ecosystem, understanding cumulative impacts and would like to retain the sense of isolation and rawness - an increasingly rare commodity globally.  Projects reflect needs, concerns and ideas of the community - so talk to us. 


WA Museum

Help us retain the islands sense of rawness.

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