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The Houtman Abrolhos Conservation Network (HACN) was formed by locals in Geraldton to conserve the Islands unique terrestrial, marine and heritage assets, whilst managing increasing pressure from human activities. We promote ecologically sustainable developments at the Houtman Abrolhos Islands and surrounding marine ecosystems. We are a network of diverse people united by our love and respect for the Abrolhos Islands. 


We are affiliated with the Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA), which exists since 1967 and therefore will be able to deliver continuity of care for the islands. We feature in the Citizen Science section of the CCWA website



Conserve internationally significant islands by managing increasing pressure from human activity


HACN promotes ecologically sustainable development and the retention of the islands' sense of rawness, isolation and remoteness - an increasingly rare element globally.  We aim to put the islands first, inform and consult the community, understand  the needs of a wide userbase and use science and local knowledge to develop practical and sustainable environmental solutions. 

The islands are transitioning from a user base dominated by people working in the fishing industry and visitors focused on fishing to an increase in visitors wanting to explore or interact with nature. We aim to work with government and the "whole community"- visitors, scientists, commercial operators including fishing and tourism operators to mitigate potential impacts, especially from increasing recreational activities and nature based tourism.  We focus on the whole system, marine, reef platforms and islands.


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